Lessons may be purchased as a set of 6 lessons each one will last 45 – 60 minutes or on a per lesson basis. This works out nicely if you just need 1-2 refresher lessons or if your child decides swimming is not for them.

We follow the American Red Cross Learn to Swim and Water Safety Program.

We will be scheduling lessons in the morning to be completed before the pool opens at 11, or after the pool closes.

 $ 65.00 /child
 $ 45.00 /child for a family with 2 or more children
 $ 15.00 / child /individual lesson

To sign up for lessons, please call Jennifer at 330.343.5544 or email jrieger@unioncountryclub.net

Please let her know the names and ages of your children, days that work for you, and if you have a lifeguard preference.